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1 Strengthening the functioning of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption
2 Amending the Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act
3 Minimizing the damages caused to the Environmental systems due to the fragmentation of lands
4 Promotion for the establishment of network of Temperature Controlled Warehouses/ Cold Storages
5 Construction of Rural Bridges
6 Census of Population and Housing - 2021
7 Improvement of call connectivity of mobile phone calls and efficiencies in data transfers
8 Report on Public Sector Cadre for the Second Quarter of the year 2018
9 Obtaining approval for the Gazette Notifications published under the Revenue Protection Act, No.19 of 1962
10 Submission of the Gazette Notifications published under the Special Commodity Levy Act, No.48 of 2007, for the approval of Parliament
11 Approval for the submission of the Gazette Notifications under the Excise (Special Provisions) Act, No.13 of 1989
12 Loan scheme for the installation of the Rooftop Solar Power Generation Systems under the Solar Power Generation Project
13 Introduction of a new Bill to substitute the Sri Lanka Code for the Protection, Promotion and Support of Breastfeeding and marketing the designated products
14 Construction of a Palliative Care Centre in Anuradhapura to provide care for the Patients with Kidney Disease and Cancer
15 Construction of the proposed Multipurpose Building adjoining the Beach Park at 'Crow Island', Mattakkuliya
16 Cooperation between Sri Lanka and China
17 Formulating a methodology for the frugal consumption of electricity
18 Rehabilitation of Feeder Tanks under Giant's tank
19 Renovation of 'I, H and N' buildings of the Anderson Flats
20 Extending the beneficiary base of the 'Sonduru Piyasa' Concessionary Loan Scheme
21 Social Integration of the Export Village Programme through the Model Village Programme
22 Amending the Judicature Act, No.2 of 1978 for the appointment of Justices of the Peace for Administrative Districts
23 Renovation of the Courts Complexes and the Official Residences
24 Stabilization of the land prone to landslide risk where the Kegalle Court Complex is located
25 Release of land in the Northern and Eastern Provinces for resettlement
26 The development project in the Kataragama Sacred Area
27 National Information and Cyber Security Strategy of Sri Lanka
28 National Policy for the Senior Citizens of Sri Lanka
29 Implementation of the National Information Technology initiative for export development
30 Setting up a Business Centre in Jaffna for empowering new entrepreneurs
31 Amending the Shrama Vasana Fund Act, No.12 of 1998
32 Katupota - Bamunakotuwa - Panduwasnuwara Water Supply Project
33 Infilling of the Distribution System in the adjacent areas of Ampara and Batticaloa Districts
34 Upgrading the Healthcare Service Facilities of the National Hospital associated with the Throat, Ear and Nose (ENT)
35 Purchase of Two Pilot Launches for the Sri Lanka Ports Authority
36 Awarding of contract for the construction of 100 MW Wind Farm
37 Construction of a steel sheet pile hood protection wall on the left bank of the Kelani River which has eroded
38 Construction of the Pesalai Fishery Harbour
39 Construction of Teldeniya, Pugoda and Welimada Court Complexes
40 Amendment to the Appropriation Act, No.30 of 2017 in line with the new Cabinet reshuffle
41 Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion
42 Providing of Houses for the Resettled Families of the Northern and Eastern Provinces
43 Improving infrastructure facilities in new settlements
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.