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1 Declaring Sri Lanka as a Mine Free Country and providing the victims with the necessary support
2 Updating of the Foreign Exchange Act, No.12 of 2017
3 Securing of Funds for the establishment of a National Vocational Training Institute at Hingurakgoda
4 Obtaining financial assistance for the Construction of the High Altitude Sports Complex in Nuwara Eliya
5 Securing of funds for the construction of 200 Rural Bridges
6 Securing of funds for the establishment of a Medical Faculty in the University of Sabaragamuwa
7 Gazette Notifications issued to impose a Special Commodity Levy for providing relief to the Consumers and the Local Farmers
8 Construction of the Pre and Para-Clinical Six storeyed building at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Jaffna
9 Development of the National Hospital for Respiratory Diseases at Welisara
10 Project for the Conservation of Traditional Medical Knowledge - Stage II
11 Establishment of a Laboratory with diagnostic facilities required for handling of harmful and dangerous micro-organism
12 Issuance of General Policy Guidelines in respect of the Electricity Industry
13 The thrift use of electricity to meet the existing power shortage
14 Formalization and Expedition of the Receipt of Court Fines and Stamp Duties Levied on Transfer of Lands to the Local Authorities
15 Protection of the catchment area of the Nanawaladola water source in Ratnapura
16 Construction of a Housing Project for Middle income families in the Ceremonial Drive at Rajagiriya
17 Entering into an Agreement between Sri Lanka and Pakistan on the exchange of Sugarcane Breeding Materials
18 Rehabilitation and improvement of the Priority Roads
19 Renovations of the Kandy-Getambe Court Complex
20 Re-enacting of the Prescription (Special Provisions) Act, to provide a period of relief to enable the persons affected due to the conflict situation, to resort to legal measures in respect of their properties
21 Providing facilities for the students enrolled under the 13 year Guaranteed Education Programme in Government Schools
22 Updating of the Wakf Act No.51 of 1982 according to the timely needs
23 Construction of the Boralanda Swimming Pool
24 Implementation of a Trade Adjustment Programme to accrue the benefits of the International Liberalized Trade
25 Constructions of Stage II & III of the proposed building for the Faculty of Technology of the Rajarata University
26 Entering into Agreements with Investors for 03 Grid Substations of Mahiyanganaya, Vauniya and Embilipitiya
27 Purchasing of Coal for the Coal Power Plant in Puttalam
28 Water supply schemes in the areas of Bathalayaya, Belaganwewa and Girandurukotte
29 Procurement of a Dredger (TSHD) for deep sea mining
30 Procurement of Fertilizer required for the month of May 2019
31 Procurement of 37 New Luxury buses to the Sri Lanka Transport Board(SLTB) on lease basis
32 Procurement for supply of 75 Passenger Coaches and 20 Flat Beds for the Sri Lanka Railways
33 Granting of an allowance to the Estate Workers
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.