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1 Establishment of an Independent Centralized Procurement Institution for procuring items generally used in State Institutions
2 Construction of a two storeyed Building in the 'Ranawiru Sevana' premises at Ragama for manufacturing artificial orthopaedic equipment for Disabled War Heroes
3 Claim for Compensation in terms of International Convention for damages caused by spills of bunker oil carried by ships
4 The Responsibility of the Producer/Trader and Consumer for Waste Management in Sri Lanka
5 Development of the Maternal and Infant Care Unit of the Matara General Hospital
6 Survey pertaining to Child activities - 2015-2016
7 Purchasing Soya Beans for Thriposha Production
8 Implementation of the Matara Water Supply Project - Stage IV
9 Proposed Amendments to the Institute of Valuers of Sri Lanka Law No. 33 of 1975
10 The signing of a Subsidiary Agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of Australia ‘in respect of Skills for Inclusive Economic Growth’
11 Establishment of a Multi-Modal Transport Hub - Fort-Pettah
12 Allocation of land at Parliament Road, Battaramulla for the establishment of the Talangama Police Station
13 Construction of an International Buddhist Centre to coinside with the International Vesak Commemoration of 2017
14 Creation of a Charitable Trust for the Sri Lanka Buddhist Pilgrims Rest (SLBPR)
15 Penal Code (Amendment) Draft Bill - (Increasing the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility)
16 Proposed Pension Scheme for Migrant Workers
17 Disposal of Segregated Waste in the Public Institutions under a formal Waste Management Programme
18 Payment of Compensation for the Shops affected by the out break of fire at the Kilinochchi Public Market
19 Refurbishment of Nila Sevana Housing Scheme - Habaraduwa
20 Recognition of Colombo Port City Development Project (Financial City Project) as a Strategic Development Project
21 Construction of the Upper Elahera Canal under the Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program
22 Construction of the North - Western Canal under the Mahaweli Water Security Investment Program
23 Supply of 06 Diesel Multiple Units with air conditioned passenger compartments to Sri Lanka Railways under the Indian Line of Credit
24 Improvement of the Production Capacity of the State Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Corporation
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.