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1 Hosting the 18th Conference of the Parties of the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES)
2 Presenting of the Gazette Notification issued under the Excise Ordinance in Parliament for approval
3 Amendment to the Inland Revenue Act, No.24 of 2017
4 Extension of Polduwa by pass Road from Suhurupaya to Kanatta Road
5 Introduction of Law as a subject under the Sub-Unit of Citizenship Education
6 Renovation of the Panadura Base Hospital and Procurement of Medical Equipment
7 Completion of the remaining construction activities of the proposed five storey building for the District Secretariat Matale
8 Improvement of 4km road section from Pitipana Junction to Data Centre at Dampe road on Pitipana - Thalagala Road
9 Construction of the new access road from Kottawa to Mahenwatta from High Level Road near Walawwatta to Diyagama Road Near Katuwana
10 Construction of Flushing Gates for controlling of floods in the Colombo Area
11 Kolonnawa Canal Diversion Scheme - Stage I
12 Kolonnawa Canal Diversion Scheme- Stage IV
13 Designing and Building of the St. Sebastian South Pumping Station
14 The Development (Widening) of Kirimandala Mawatha
15 Awarding of the contract for the Consultancy Services for the St. Sebastian South Pumping Station
16 Presenting of the Gazette Notifications in Parliament for approval
17 Obtaining the approval of Parliament for the Gazette Notifications published under the Special Commodity Levy Act, No.48 of 2007
18 Presenting of the Gazette Notification published in accordance with the Ports and Airports Development Levy Act, No.18 of 2011 in Parliament for approval
19 Re presentation of the Appropriation Bill for the Financial Year 2019 in Parliament
20 Granting of relief to the people in the Northern Province affected by the floods
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.