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1 Grant and Implementation Agreement between the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Government of Sri Lanka - (Agenda Item No.09)
2 Accelerated Programme for the issuance of Land Grants for state lands - (Agenda Item No.11)
3 Construction of the Colombo Train Control Centre (CTCC) and the Railway Operation Headquarters (ROHQ)
4 Macro - Fiscal Framework for the preparation of the Budget - 2019
5 Memorandum of Understanding between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for cooperation in the fields of Health and Medical Sciences
6 Entering into a Memorandum of Understanding between Sri Lanka and Finland for cooperation in the field of Health
7 Amendments to the National Institute of Plantation Management Act, No.45 of 1979
8 Introduction of a Fixed Rate of CESS on Bulk Tea Exports
9 Reserving of lands to Establish the Natural Gas Power Plant at Kerawalapitiya
10 Obtaining of Technical Consultancy Services for the successful implementation of the Empowerment of Programmes for the Samurdhi Beneficiaries
11 Obtaining the active contribution of the Tri Forces for Control of Drugs
12 Programme for the construction of new houses for the displaced families in the Welioya Area
13 Facilitating newly constituted Local Authorities
14 Development of the Deniyaya Weekly Fair
15 Establishment of an Elephant Retention Centre to retain the two elephants living in the Sinharaja Reserve
16 Purchasing of Gas Cylinders used by the Litro Gas Lanka Ltd., for the distribution of Gas
17 Construction of the Stage II of the Accident and Emergency Treatment Unit at the Teaching Hospital in Jaffna
18 Construction of a Ten Storey Building at the Provincial General Hospital in Badulla
19 Implementation of the Light Rail Transit Project
20 Construction of the Ambathale Water Pumping Station
21 Supply of LED Lamps (Light Emitting Diode Lamps) for a concessionary price to electricity consumers who consume less electricity
22 Construction of the Kokilai Bridge
23 Printing of School Textbooks to be distributed free of charge among the school children for the year 2019
24 Supply of 120,000 Bottles of Human Albumin Solution - 50ml
25 Purchasing of 93,767nos. of Foldable Hydrophobic Intra Ocular Lenses
26 Mid - Year Fiscal Position Report - 2018
27 Creation of awareness among the public on the massive investments being made in the field of Irrigation Works under the Mahaweli Water Security Investment Programme
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.