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1 Development of Rural Agri Business Value Chains and Improvement of Related Common Facilities - Smallholder Agribusiness Partnership Programme (SAPP)
2 Provision of houses for the landless protracted IDPs of the Jaffna District
3 Land (Restrictions on Alienation) (Amendment) Bill
4 Proposed Amendments to Section 3 of the Protection of Government Revenue (Special Provisions) Act, No.1 of 2006
5 Improvement of the dialysis treatment programme for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain etiology (CKDu)
6 Appointment of a Delimitation Committee for the establishment of the New Divisional Secretariat Divisions, Gazetting of the currently established Divisional Secretariat Divisions and the establishment and Revision of the Grama Niladhari Divisions
7 Lease of a Land at Buthgamuwa Road in Rajagiriya to M/s Baili Investment Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
8 Construction of Pre Cast Disaster Resilient Houses for the People Residing in the Disaster Prone Areas
9 Updating the regulations made for the preservation of artifacts in Sri Lanka to bestow to our posterity
10 Grant of Cabotage Right to Foreign Airlines
11 Renovation of the Court Complex at Hulftsdorp in Colombo
12 Coordination Task Force for the Detection of Proceeds of Crime
13 Obtaining the approval of the Cabinet for the submission of the draft Bill on Prevention of Offences relating to Sports, in Parliament of Sri Lanka
14 Procurement of Dry Ration Packets to the Sri Lanka Army - Supply Year 2019
15 Awarding of the contract for the supply of catering from Narita International Airport Japan, for SriLankan Airline flights from 15th November 2019 for a 02 year contract period
16 Procurement for the supply of 180,000 vials of Anti Rabies (TC) Vaccine
17 Pricing/Re-Pricing of Petroleum data available in the Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat
18 Replacement of Main Crude Distiller Column, Diesel Hydrotreater Reactor, and the Platformer Unit with a Continuous Catalyst Regeneration type Reformer at the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery
19 Vote on Account - 2020
20 Report of the Ministerial Committee appointed to discuss with the representatives of the relevant Trade Unions and submit recommendations to the Cabinet
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.