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1 The draft Bill to amend the Criminal Procedure Code Act
2 Allocation of a land to establish a Regional Centre of the Open University of Sri Lanka, at Badulla
3 The establishment of a National Science Centre
4 Revoking the Homeopathy Act, No. 07 of 1970, and getting a new Act passed in its place
5 Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Power & Renewable Energy of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany on Co-operation on Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector of Sri Lanka
6 Implementation of the Food Production National Programme (2016 - 2018)
7 The National Strategic Plan to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking - 2015 - 2019
8 Project for Issuing of Internationally recognized 'Continuous Discharge Certificate' and 'Certificate of Competency' for Sri Lankan Seafarers
9 Construction of 4,000 Houses for the Plantation Community in the Uva and Central Provinces, under the Indian Government Grant Programme
10 UNITERRA Volunteer Co-operation Programme
11 The Framework Arrangement between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, concerning loans from the Economic Development Cooperation Fund of the EXIM Bank of Korea from 2016-2018
12 The Tender for the Supply of 475,000 Vials of Desferrioxamine Mesylate for Injection BP, 500 mg
13 The Tender for the Supply of 700,000 Vials of Biphasic Isophane Insulin Injection BP, 30% / 70% 1000IU / 10ml
14 Construction of Surgical Unit at the Teaching Hospital, Batticaloa and Supply of Medical Equipment to the same
15 Obtaining loan facilities from the Export Import (EXIM) Bank of India for the implementation of 03 Water Supply Projects
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.