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1 Promoting Drying Technology among the Paddy farmers to be applicable for their earning potential
2 Conservation of the existing mangrove and rehabilitation of the mangrove lands belonging to the State which are presently abandoned having used for the prawn farms and salterns
3 A Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia on Cooperation in the field of Tourism
4 Introduction of a System for Licensing of Electrical Technology Workers
5 Vote on Account - 2020
6 Finance (Draft) Bill - 2019
7 Flight Kitchen Expansion Project in SriLankan Catering Limited
8 Grant Agreements to be entered into with Foreign Institutes by the University of Peradeniya, the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, the University of Colombo and the University of Kelaniya
9 An Act to Incorporate the Sri Lanka Psychological Association
10 Reducing Anaemia and Anaemia related health issues through fortification of common staple foods with Iron and Folic Acid
11 17th Steering Committee meeting and Conference of the 'International Network for Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Fields (INWEPF)' - 2020
12 Importation of additional quantity of Maize required for animal feeding
13 Construction of new buildings for the branches of the National Transport Medical Institute
14 Construction of the Moragolla Hydro Power Plant under the Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Investment Programme
15 Procurement of Fertilizer 2019 (September)
16 Awarding of the contract for civil works construction of the Port Access Elevated Highway project funded by the Asian Development Bank
17 Entrusting the printing of School Textbooks required for Distribution Free of Charge in the year 2020 to the Printing Institutions
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.