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1 Obtaining Membership of International Sustainable Tourism and Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Organization
2 Registration of Motor Cycles which are being driven without registration
3 Leasing out of a block of land of 10 Acres at Muthurajawela for a Project for generating Energy out of Solid Waste
4 Development of Farms belonging to the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) under the Public-Private Partnership Programme
5 Prevention of Coastal Erosion that occurs in the areas of Oluvil and Ninthavur in the Ampara District
6 Task Force on Legal and Judicial Causes of Prison Overcrowding
7 Implementation of Three Water Supply Schemes for the provision of drinking water to the people of the areas affected due to the water leakage that occurred in the main tunnel of Uma Oya Multipurpose Development Project
8 Implementation of Short Term Priority Water Supply improvements for 3 BOI Zones and surroundings in Ranpokunugama, Kirindiwela and Biyagama areas of Gampaha District and Koggala area of Galle District
9 Construction of the Prison Complex, Jaffna - Phase II
10 Using a Standardized term for the Sri Lanka 'Police' Department
11 Establishing Japan-Sri Lanka Joint Comprehensive Partnership (JCP) Secretariat in Colombo and Tokyo
12 Ratification of Paris Agreement by Sri Lanka
13 Development Policy Funds (Private Sector Development, Governance Improvement and Fiscal Consolidation)
14 Declaration of the Year 2017 as the Year of Poverty Alleviation
Please note that certain Cabinet decisions which could only be implemented after being confirmed at the next Cabinet Meeting and the decisions which could be amended at that Meeting, are not included herein.