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Press briefing of Cabinet Decision taken on 2013-12-16
Implementation of the National Action Plan for Disability

- the National Policy on Disability promotes and protects the rights of differently able people in the spirit of social justice. They will have opportunities for enjoying a full and satisfying life and for contributing to national development, their knowledge, experience and particular skills and capabilities as equal citizens of Sri Lanka. The National Action Plan has been designed for implementation of 7 Thematic areas namely, Empowerment, Health and Rehabilitation, Education, Work and Employment, Mainstreaming and Enabling Environments, Data and Research and Social Institutional Cohesion. Nearly Rs.65 billion has been allocated by the Government in the Medium Term Budgetary Framework 2014 - 2016 for the implementation of the Government Policy Framework on empowering the differently able community and mobilizing them as an equally useful segment of the society. The proposal made by Hon. Felix Perera, Minister of Social Services, to proceed with the activities relating to the implementation of the said Action Plan, was approved by the Cabinet.