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Press briefing of Cabinet Decision taken on 2021-01-04
Amendment to the Sri Lanka Press Council Act, No.5 of 1973
- The Sri Lanka Press Council has been established by the Sri Lanka Press Council Act No 5 of 1973 with the objective of preventing any prejudice to the public by the media reporting of the newspaper media and to create a benevolent relationship between the journalists and the public. Since the provisions of that Act are restricted only to the newspaper, it has been identified that the Press Council should be structurally reformed as a Tribunal for journalists and media institutions covering electronic, print and new media and organized as a Centre for upgrading media education as well. As such, the proposal made by the Minister of Mass Media, to appoint a committee comprising of intellects to obtain recommendations for amending the Sri Lanka Press Council Act so as to suit to the present day requirements and to obtain comments and suggestions from the general public and the civil organizations and accordingly, to draft amending legislation,was approved by the Cabinet.